Larissa   *2009

A large-framed mare with powerful movements by the famous Neustadt sire "Lord Fantastic".

Mare | German Sporthorse

Color:       chestnut
Height:     170 cm

Category I


Please note:

If it is mentioned in the respective description that the sport horse is well-behaved, please note that all horses may revert to their instinctive behavior as flight animals in certain circumstances.

Show Jumping Tests for Young Horses


The judge wants to see a fluid, harmonious clearance of the course. Aspects assessed include rideability and jumping action, basic speed and flexibility of the horse.

Foals and Young Horses

Class                     Height


E - Preliminary       0.85 m (2'9'')

A* - Novice             0.95 m (3'1'')

A** - Novice           1.05 m (3'1'')

L - Elementary       1.15 m (3'9'')

M* - Medium          1.25 m (4'1'')

M** - Medium         1.35 m (4'5'')

S* - Advanced        1.40 m (4'7'')

S** - Advanced       1.45 m (4'9'')

S*** - Advanced      1.50 m (4'11'')

S**** - Advanced     1.55 m (5'1'')


Deviations of up to +/- 5 cm (2'') in height are permitted (any width is permitted as of advanced class).

Show Jumping Competitions according to Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung

(German Equestrian Federation / FN):

Quintus *2011

Talented all-rounder by Neustadt's stallion licensing winner "Quintus Gold".

Gelding | German Sporthorse

Color:                      white
Height:                    165 cm  

Category II - III

Claudia  *2011

With her elastic movement, jumping with overview and technique talented both for dressage and as a hunter.

Mare | German Sporthorse

Color:     bay
Height:   167 cm


Category III


Categorie I:   up to 5.000 €

Categorie II:   5.000 € -  10.000 €

Categorie III:  10.000 € -  20.000 €

Categorie IV: 20.000 € - 50.000 €

Categorie V:  starting from 50.000 €

Price Categories

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